California Perspective

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From the famous gold rush that lured people from around the globe, to the dreams written on the silver screen, to the breakthroughs that took us to the moon, to the internet revolution that remade the world, California has been a beacon for the world.

California is a world leader in trade, communications, entertainment and manufacturing. We are a state of enormous wealth, culture, and diversity, in the midst of extraordinary natural beauty. At the same time, many of our communities struggle with poverty, low wages, persistent racial inequality, environmental threats, and a fraying safety net. For too many residents, life is a daily struggle for survival.

Great regions require a solid infrastructure and economic base to realize their potential. Well-paying jobs, affordable and livable housing, reliable transportation, and quality education and healthcare are the foundation of a first rate quality of life.

As an international commercial and creative hub, we are nourished by the diversity of our communities. A commitment to equality of opportunity for all is central to an engaged civic culture. We believe that California can be a national and global model of sustainable growth through building a regional economy that is both prosperous and fair.

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