On February 15, concerned Los Angeles residents and attendees from more than 20 organizations and businesses participated in the Horizon Institute’s 2011 budget forum “California: The Road to Recovery Begins.” Horizon assembled a broad group of experts to delve into Governor Jerry Brown’s budget and the issues at stake for California in this year’s budget. Jean Ross of the California Budget Project provided an overview of the budget and an insider’s take from Sacramento. She was followed by an array of experts from the worlds of academia, labor, business, and government, each of whom discussed the budget issues on their area of expertise.


The Horizon Institute, a California-based think tank headquartered in metropolitan Los Angeles, was established to develop new ideas about how our economy can embody the values of inclusiveness, sustainability, and fairness. Horizon is helping to reframe the public debate in California, holding government and businesses accountable, while focusing on the positive role they can play in lifting the poor out of poverty, rebuilding a middle-class society, and the restoring the California dream.

The Horizon Institute will work to foster dialogue about major issues concerning the future of the state, bringing in the voices of stakeholders whose voices are rarely heard as well as those of established opinion-makers. As we grow, our research and ideas will be used to catalyze the work and energy of our community partners. Social change comes in part from the merging of ideas with action. The Horizon Institute is helping to shape the ideas for creative change.

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